Towing abandoned  cars
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Towing abandoned  cars

Our school car park has become a dumping ground for old cars for some reason. It's important to get them removed quickly, as they are often in bad condition and can be dangerous for the kids and their families, as well as taking up a lot of our car parking spaces. We have a towing service that removes the cars from our car park quickly so that we can free up the spaces. This blog talks about the processing of getting cars towed off site and how to choose a towing service that is responsive to your needs as a school or business.


Towing abandoned cars

Trailer Towing Tips

Bessie Adams

If you plan on traveling far distances on your vacation, it is possible to tow an RV trailer on the back of your tow vehicle. This allows you to have accommodations during your travel and will enable you to hit the open road without any cares. If you are going to be towing a trailer behind your tow vehicle, there are a few tips that you need to be aware of that will ensure safety during your trip.


The one part of your tow vehicle and your trailer that you need to be most concerned with are the tires and brakes. It is important to make sure that the tires and bearings are working at a high level. The tires on both the trailer and the tow vehicle will be traveling a lot of miles, which means that they need to be in great condition when you get started. The axle bearings need to be replaced about once a year if you are traveling far distances and they should be changed in advance of your longest trip. It is also possible for the bearing to go bad and overheat the axle, so the bearings need to be replaced as well.

Look Behind

Not only do you need to make sure that the tires on your trailer and tow vehicle are maintained, but it is also critical that you know how to operate a tow vehicle that is pulling a trailer behind. This means that you need to have a rear view mirror that is wide enough to ensure that you can see past the walls of the trailer. If you are making a conscious effort to look at your trailer from time to time when you are driving the tow vehicle, you will be more apt to notice smoke or rubber in the instance that your trailer gets a flat. You should not just be driving ahead blindly without paying attention to your trailer.


It is also important for you to know how to adjust the hitch. The hitch needs to be adjusted on your trailer if it does not have a fifth wheel. This will ensure that the weight is distributed equally when the trailer is attached to the tow vehicle. Make sure that you are aware what the ideal weight adjustment setup will be for the trailer that you are towing. If you have it on the right adjustment, you can be sure that front and rear axles do not have too much weight bearing down.