Towing abandoned  cars
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Towing abandoned  cars

Our school car park has become a dumping ground for old cars for some reason. It's important to get them removed quickly, as they are often in bad condition and can be dangerous for the kids and their families, as well as taking up a lot of our car parking spaces. We have a towing service that removes the cars from our car park quickly so that we can free up the spaces. This blog talks about the processing of getting cars towed off site and how to choose a towing service that is responsive to your needs as a school or business.


Towing abandoned cars

  • Key Considerations When Transporting Forklift Trucks

    21 January 2016

    Forklift trucks are usually used for logistics (jobs ranging from material-handling to pallet transportation) in warehouses, ports, silos, loading bays and so on. In most cases, these vehicles often have to be transported to different places where they are needed. Transporting forklift trucks, however, is not an easy job, and if you are to have any shot at doing it right, you will need to consider a number of things.